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This page contains up to date key allergen guides for all of our main menus. Even if you have visited us before please check this page as suppliers and recipes are subject to change which can affect the allergens. Please select the section of the menu that you are looking at, or click here to download the full allergen guide in pdf, for special menus and key dates please discuss with a member of our team.

IF YOU HAVE AN ALLERGY please inform our team before ordering, or preordering; so that we can take additional reasonable steps to minimise the risk of allergen cross-contamination. However we cannot guarantee any item is allergen-free.

This allergen guide, details all of the 14 key allergens that are present in the ingredients of each dish by highlighting in RED. However as our food is mainly homemade in our multi use kitchen (which handles all of the 14 key allergens), and suppliers of prepared foods vary, all food may contain traces of any of the 14 key allergens.

Some dishes may be adapted to remove the allergen containing ingredient (e.g. we have gluten free bread that can be swapped for normal bread) please ask our team, however adapted dishes still may contain traces of any of the 14 key allergens.

V = Vegetarian (Some dishes can also be adapted to become Vegan) VE = Made with Vegan ingredients. However due to the environments that food is prepared, cooked and served in, we cannot guarantee that any item is animal product free.





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